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Rug Cleaning Houston
Persian Rugs

This type of rugs can be found in different types of designs, some are handmade and others are machine woven, either way the design is magnificent.  Unlike other fibers, wool is extremely resilient and with our maintenance can look its best for hundreds of years.

Proper Maintance

  Professional cleaning is recommend once a year depending on the amount of traffic where the rug lies.  The cleaning process will enhance the richness and the softness that these rugs are known for.  However, improper maintenance can cause severe damage to the fibers, or loss of luster.  Some rugs can be steam cleaned  and others dry cleaned, whatever the process, when you choose our service we are able to accommodate such prestigious carpets.
Don't be fooled by over priced rug cleaning facilities!
  Hand washing area rugs is outdated, with our powerful equipment we are able to extract even the smallest particles that your vacuum cleaner cannot.  Why trust facilities who claim to be professionals that are overprice and use outdated machinery.  We understand how valuable your rugs are, we set up a free estimate to evaluate the type of rug, and give you a written quote.   We will pick up the rug or clean on site. 



 We specialize in:

  • Oriental Rugs
  • Persian Rugs
  • Antique Indian Rugs                                   
  • Wool and Silk Rugs
  • Contemporary Rugs
  • Draperies
  • Tapestries


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