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Hardwood Floor Cleaning





  We have revolutionized the world of hardwood floors by researching the industry, tested various methods of cleaning to get the job done without damaging the floor.  We are able to restore wood to its original beauty by cleaning, and resealing, bring back the vitaly it once had!



Benefits of having hardwood floors clean

  • Restore natural look
  • Remove damaging dirt and grime
  • Restore Shine
  • Prevent expensive cost to sand and refinish.



 Fact:  By maintaining your wood floors every other year and applying a couple coats of seal it can prevent your floors from being damage down to the finish. 



AquaTec's Process:


  • We inspect your floors to determine what

               type of seal it needs.

  •  Give you a written quote
  • All work is guaranteed
  • No hidden charges during the process!



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